Welcome to the Atom website

Our company offers specialist repairs for any Apple, Android, Linux or Windows based device. Starting from iPads, iPhones or Macbooks to Microsoft Windows and OSX / MacOS Laptops, computer maintenance and refurbishment.

The importance to detail during your repair is key to us. Our technical team can help diagnose and locate any problem or requirement with upgrades, antivirus removal, servicing or even touchscreen, LCD replacements on your Smartphone or Tablet.

We boast a strong lineup of knowledgeable, professional and certified technicians in each field of repair and service offered. These include a mix of Apple Certified technicians, Cisco trained personnel and Atoms own trained and qualified persons to guarantee the highest standards for Malta's best repair service centre.

Apple Mac repairs

Who said that repairing your iMac, Macbook or Mac Pro is only possible at the Apple store?

Windows Computer repairs

We offer a practical and effective computer repair solution for all your needs

Component Level

Board level microsoldering repairs, IC, HDMI, SMD repair, Liquid damage treatment and more

iPhone repairs

Offering on the spot service on the majority of the repairs

iPad repairs

We stock the highest quality parts and offer an efficient, timely fix

Laptop Service

Genuine, honest advice on whether your laptop requires repairs, service or replacement

Samsung repairs

Emerging as the strongest Apple competitor in the market, Samsung products offer a top alternative on all their range of devices.

Branded Tablet and Smartphone repairs

Nokia, LG, Sony and Android based service and hardware repairs available in store

Why us?

A simple question really. We treat your device with the respect it deserves. We are experienced and qualified so you can rest assured that your unit is safe. We are honest with our clients and try to translate our technical jargon to an understandable level and keep things simple. We are not a 'Jack of all trades' company. We do not build websites or claim to be the best in everything in the computing world. We do not sell computers, phones or tablets. We just repair it.
Some clients call us computer repairers, others call us I.T. mechanics.. What we know is what we focus on. At Atom - we repair I.T. 
Atom® is an Internationally Recognised Dell™ Registered Partner, Microsoft™ Partner, GFI Partner and Vipre Authorised Reseller.