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Our company offers specialist repairs for any Apple, Android, Linux or Windows based device. Starting from iPads, iPhones or Macbooks to Microsoft Windows and OSX / MacOS Laptops, computer maintenance and refurbishment.

The importance to detail during your repair is key to us. Our technical team can help diagnose and locate any problem or requirement with upgrades, antivirus removal, servicing or even touchscreen, LCD replacements on your Smartphone or Tablet.

We boast a strong lineup of knowledgeable, professional and certified technicians in each field of repair and service offered. These include a mix of Apple Certified technicians, Cisco trained personnel and Atoms own trained and qualified persons to guarantee the highest standards for Malta's best repair service centre.

Apple Mac repairs

No need to depend on the Apple store for your iMac, Macbook and Mac Pro repairs. Get professional Apple Mac repairs by Apple Certified Technicians at Atom.

Computer repairs

Bring your computer or laptop back to life with hardware repairs and software repairs by Atom, the local experts in computer repairs and laptop repairs.

Windows Computer repairs

We provide Windows Computer repairs that make sense technically and financially. We will help you find an effective and affordable computer repairs solution at Atom.

iPhone repairs

Do not worry that Apple do not officially do iPhone repairs. At Atom we offer a fast and professional repairs solution and also iPhone refurbishment.

Tablet & iPad repairs

Entrust Atom with your tablet & iPad repairs. We stock best quality parts and offer financially viable, efficient and timely repair of tablets of all brands.

Samsung repairs

For all your Samsung repairs. Rely on top standard service from technicians you can trust. Quality parts and the highest expertise.

Liquid damage treatment

Switch off your device, remove the battery and take it for liquid damage treatment immediately. No amount of silica gel or rice will treat the internal components of your device.

Component Level

Rely on Atom for component level repairs from basic soldering tasks to microscopic, in-depth view and repair. We stand out among IT repair specialists for micro soldering.

PC upgrades

Improve your computer's performance with a computer upgrade. PC upgrades by Atom at a fraction of the price of a new desktop computer with the same specifications.

Laptop service & refurbishment

Extend the lifetime of your machine with a laptop service or laptop refurbishment. Rely on genuine advice on whether your computer or laptop requires servicing, repairs or refurbishment.

Tablet and Smartphone repairs

Bring your mobile device back to life with smartphone repairs and tablet repairs by Atom. Mobile repairs on Nokia, Sony, LG, Samsung, Android and Apple devices available in store.

Nokia, LG, Sony & Android repairs

Choose Atom for your Nokia, LG, Sony and Android repairs and rely on quality parts, top level standards on repairs and service and expertise in smartphone refurbishment.

Atom repairs IT

We repair IT. That is what we do. We are a company focused on repairs, upgrades and refurbishment of all kinds of Information Technology devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

Our know-how and expertise comes from years of experience in repairing Apple, Samsung, Nokia, LG, Sony and Android devices. We even handle component level repairs and carry out liquid damage treatment and data recovery procedures.

We do not sell computers, phones or tablets so we will not try to sell you a new product if your device can be repaired and refurbished. We have your best interest at heart and our technicians are qualified and experienced to offer you their expert advice and the highest standard of service and repairs. When you repair your device at Atom, we restore your device to its original standard.

Computer repairers, IT mechanics, call us what you will. At Atom - we repair IT.
Atom® is an Internationally Recognised Dell™ Registered Partner, Microsoft™ Partner, GFI Partner and Vipre Authorised Reseller.